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Establishment and History

Establishment and History

History of the Dakheel Aljassar Co. dates back to 1934 when Mr. Dakheel Aljassar started trading activities in the field of Construction materials. The economic growth demanded the necessity for the proper distribution of Electrical Energy in Kuwait and it became one of the prime tasks for the Government. With an aim to reduce the dependency on importing Electrical Switchboards from foreign market, a new factory was established by Mr. Dakheel in 1965, named “Dakheel Aljassar Trading and Electrical works Factory”. It was the first license issued by the Kuwait Government for manufacturing Electrical switchboards in the State of Kuwait

The Beginning was in Shuwaikh, an Industrial Area near to Kuwait City. Developments continued and the product ranges covered every need in Low Voltage Electrical Power Distribution System, from Final distribution Board for houses to Main panel Boards directly fed from the transformers. The factory hither to extended several folds from the date of inception.

The business was diversified in to the trading of electrical products and several showrooms were opened throughout the State of Kuwait.